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For the safety of your children all doors leading to the pool area are fitted with audible alarms that warn you if a door is opened. 

We have provided essential equipment catering for children from birth. This consists of the following:-

All in one nursery centre that consists of:-
  a fullsize bassinet
  a cosy bassinet
  padded mattress
  swing away changing table with safety belt
  removable musical mobile with voice activated night light and music
  clip on organiser tray 
  Toddler play pen with secondary floor safety lock and wheels with brakes
  Cot sheet and blanket
  Size 28"W x 40"L


High chair/booster seat:-

  Suitable from 3 months to 4 years
  Converts from highchair to booster seat
  Infant restraint bar for extra security
  Removable/Adjustable tray with removable fun toys
  Restraint bar can be removed for booster seat
  3 level height adjustment
  6 reclining positions
  Straps to any chair for safety and security
2 Strollers including safety straps. One stroller with parasol

A baby monitor and bottle steriliser is provided so you can relax around the pool or in the games room whilst your children are asleep, giving you peace of mind that they are okay.

We have also provided an assortment of pool toys including inflatables, woggles, ball and dive sticks for your enjoyment.

There are also a range of DVDs, Gamecube games and board games suitable for children of all ages. Older children can also make use of the games room. 

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